Monday, October 12, 2009

Some I am typing away.Sitting online,having nothing else to do (I have got first year engineering studies to do yes...but that's different).It wasn't what I had imagined myself to be doing about three hours back.It all started a week back..

"I want to go to Jehangir Art Gallery and the Prince of Wales Museum...Are you interested?"

"Sure,I am in,"

"And then maybe we could check out the booksellers near Metro at Dhobitalao."


This is what transpired between me and Nikhil a week back.

I had wanted to go alone..spend some time with myself..but then I thought,

“Why not call Nikhil, he’s interested in such places too and it had been quite some time since we met.”

The fact that we had met just five days back for I-Rock was conveniently overlooked by me..People whom you used to meet everyday…five days is quite a long time when it comes to them.

“I want to come too..”

“What will you do with us anyway?Its just two of us guys and maybe Siddhesh will join us.”

“So call the others na..Even I’ll be able to come then.Call Subhi,Barkha,Dipti,Tabish and all the others too…”

Fine,I guess we’ll all be able to meet that way.”

That was Sneha..So now it was decided..all of us were was gonna be fun.

“Why don’t we go after Tanuj comes?”

“He doesn’t like such stuff..”

“How can you assume such things?”

“Because I know..”

That was Sneha again…

One of our friends was coming back from Delhi-where he had gone for studies-

this diwali..And we had planned to go three days before his arrival..

“I have got classes from 7.30 to 12.00…”

“I have got classes from 4.30”

“So now we cant go?”

“We can go in the morning na,,”

“Yeah right…you thought I had classes till 12 at night?”


This was with Nikhil the previous day

“I wanted to come….”

“I know, but we cant do anything na..”


Sneha again…

I got up early the next day (today).. I had my maths classes and I didn’t want to get late…there were two batches that day…I didn’t want to be packed in like some cattle so I had to go early.

(Ten minutes later)

“Aaj class nahin hain..”(“no class today”)



And unlike the other guys I wasn’t abusing the classes people for having made me get up early…I was happy that now I’d be able to go…

(Ten minutes later at 7.45)

*Phone rings*

No one picks up.

*Phone rings*


“Where were you…sleeping?”


“Fine get ready,we gotto leave..Classes got cancelled..we can go to Churchgate now..”

“Yeah that’s good….”

“Call Sneha and Nilay tell them to get ready..I ll tell the others…We leave in an hour”

“An HOUR?”

“Yeah…why?How long do you take to take a bath anyway?”

“Hmm…Yeah ok…”


Sneha and Subhashree couldn’t come because there weren’t many girls,Nirali had her midterms so basically I helped her by waking her up and asking her to get ready—she didn’t come though-

Nilay had classes,Nikhil wasn’t allowed to go, Samir was busy as usual,Tabish for once was ready…but then,there was no one else

Dipti and Barkha normally needed a weeks notice whenever we planned to go out so they were out of question…

Ultimately it was just me and Siddhesh…and we would have gone too…only I thought it would be wise to call enquiry to ask whether the museum and art gallery were open…..It was Election Day after all…

“MTNLchya 197 enquiry madhye aaple swagat aahe.”

“Welcome to MTNL 197 enquiry”

“Hmm….are the Jehangir Art Gallery and Prince of Wales Musuem open today?”

“Naahin..Aaj Election aahe naa…” (“No,since its election day.”)


I felt like a huge balloon burst inside me…I had really wanted to go from a long time

“You can spend time alone at home too..”

“Yeah,I guess you re right…I ll read some books today or go online….”

So here I am….

Take my word….excessive planning is bad…all the more when you have got such a huge group as mine..

Though you should take care to plan things like which day to go on…Unlike me…we decided to go on the wrong day and the enquiry struck me at the last moment…..

So long…


  1. Major plans never work out. Such incidents have happened to me so MANY times. Now, I am wise. I don't plan too much.

    Nice post :)

  2. we should have gone.... struck me later.... OXFORD CAFE!! its basically a cafe where you can read books off shelves while enjoying food.... in short, heaven.