Saturday, October 10, 2009

Like logs in the sea....

I meant to post this long back...but couldnt cause of my exams and new college and settling down and all that... on.I guess everyone goes through such a moment some time or the other in their lives...

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He was looking around for them, his friends..the long haired,fair skinned girl-the one who wore spectacles,the wavy haired fair guy whose bulging eyes couldn’t be seen because of the glasses he wore,the short and stocky guy who had a cackle of laughter,the thin,lanky bowlegged one whose whole body shook whenever he laughed,the nervous curly haired guy who would laugh nervously whenever people around him turned abusive,the short plump girl who could always make him forget his worries because of the cheerful tone of her voice,and the others……He was missing all of them and was looking around for people who showed even the slightest signs of being like them…

It was the first day of college, he had been excited the first day yes…but he hadn’t expected to feel lonely..How could he? After all he was the one who approached people to talk to them…the supposedly ‘outgoing’ one..

The next whole week was spent in hoping that he would get someone who was like them..he didn’t..and that made him feel worse.

All the things that they used to do back in junior college came to him all the time..


“How can you expect to meet the same kind of people everywhere you go?Fine we had a wonderful group and we had awesome friends…but you cant go around getting upset just because you cant find people who are like them..”

“But we had such a great group…we might never have such a group again..these people seem to be sooo dull,”

“That’s what’s going to happen if you refuse to give a chance to knowing the people around you.I was having the same problem in my college too…I was looking for someone like Subhi and was getting upset cause I couldn’t find anyone..give them a chance might end up liking them the same way you liked our group”

One of the less talkative and a into-herself girl of our group was telling him this…the most talkative and the over-the-top…into-your-face friendly guy..She was one of his best friends..and she made him feel like a kid at times…and like some grown-up at others..God,he missed her!!…

“Dude…do me a favour,say you gonna get into my college in the next round..”

“Look..its not as if I don’t want to…I want get into that college too..but its not in my hands is it?”

“Yeah I know,…by the way you know what happened….”

And he went about saying those many things that he always talked about with this guy…oblivious to the fact that at the end of this long dialog he wasn’t going to remember why he had started talking about it and what exactly he was talking about…but it always happened when he talked to this guy…

“v r meeting at pizza hut 2moro.guys plz do ll b fun.”

Negi…he had messaged that…god bless him they all were meeting…finally they were all going to meet…three weeks after their respective colleges had started..

And they did have loads of fun that was like the old times…but surprisingly,that night when he got into bed,he didn’t feel that usual sense of loneliness…in fact he was looking forward to the next day at college…

He got out of the train at Kandivali…the train was going to halt on the 8th platform at the next station…he didn’t want to walk all the way…

He was waiting on the platform waiting for the next train.Hopefully it would halt at the 1st platform….

The train arrived..He was just about to get in when….


Startled, he looked around…and he saw two of his college friends…Subhi and Sneha…and he got a wide grin on his face…he was going to let the train go…

(Fifteen minutes later..when he finally got into the train..he was feeling elated at having met his friends..He had met Barkha and Neha previously that day…it had been a great day

“I wonder when I ll get to meet Vinit,its been almost a month now”)

(Borivali station-ten minutes later)

“Arrey woh dekh…Abhishek…”

(“Look there,that’s Abhishek”)

And he spotted them….Negi and Vinit…and to think that he had been thinking about Vinit ten minutes back!!

(Half an hour later…when he finally got home…he started thinking about his day and he realized that it had been a great day…By some scheme that the Universe had planned for him…he had ended up meeting some of his friend from “The Group” that day..all on the same day!!)

And that’s when he realized that this is what his 8th standard Sanskrit Subhashita had actually meant..

You meet people and then you move on..the moments that you share with them are the things to be cherished all your life.You cant keep crying for these people all your life..You have gotto go on meet other people make other friends in life..But meeting other people doesn’t mean you are letting go of the people who mean a lot to you.

Similarly he couldn’t keep hanging on to his friends all the time..He was going to make new ones..He was going to enjoy his life even now…and not being in the same college certainly didn’t mean he was going to lose touch with them,did it?

He was going to meet his friends again sometime soon…but like earlier on..he wasn’t going to keeping waiting for it..he was going to look forward to it,sure…they were going to have a bash as always…and maybe get thrown out of the restaurant like they had been showed the door at McDonalds before…

“Abhishek coming to college tomorrow?”

“Obviously man….wouldnt miss it..we have our TechFest tomorrow..Its gonna be AWESOME!!...”


  1. Nicely written..Yeah,I agree wid u..v shud giv everyone a chance coz u can't find d same people around u wid whom u mus hav had loads of fun..

  2. I think it's something most people can identify with..awesome..even i liked the part about giving everyone a two people are the same,and people were never meant to fit into set it's good to give 'em a chance as well...keep writing!!


  3. You are right. Everyone passes through this phase. You reinded me of my own transition from school to college. Nicely written. :)

  4. I don't have bulgy eyes. Damn you.

  5. ithink almost evry1 of us has gone thru this situation...good 1...
    btw nik...ur eyes do bulge out slightly!!...