Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Like....

Engineering Sem-I done..So now I have the time to actually post something when I really feel like it..

I like...
-Reading...I used to curl up with a book for hours as a child.Sadly,I don't have that kind of time anymore.What am I doing that I don't have time anymore,you ask?Sadly I don't know the answer.
-Thinking about all that I am going to do..Half the time I don't do it in the end.Wish I did..
-Eating..Eating without any hurry that is.I literally fantasize about all that I'd read and eat if I had a UNLIMITED budget thing..
-Listening to what I like and telling my friends about it.Going about shouting that I liked a particular song just kills it for me..And I don't get the point of publicly abusing songs I din't like either.I used to think that is cool.I wanted to try it too..But then I realized its just not ME enough..So I respect you Himesh Reshammiya..I just don't listen to you,If you'll excuse me?
-Arguing..I could do that continuously,for hours.Now,at times,I stop arguing in the middle of a heated debate..if I feel the other person isn't open to ideas.
-Sitting with a hot cup of tea on my favourite chair.A nice book would make things heaven too..
-Bubble-Wraps...i like bursting those bubbles.The way they go "POP"...
-My loo time..and I mean the loo time where I am not disturbed by someone else's ready-to-burst (or so they say) bladder.
I don't like being asked to hurry up either..(I can't..its as simple as that..there is no piston sitting on the top there,you know..It just comes when it wants to)
-Slobs...well i don't like them..But I consider them to be better that the snotty Snobs..
-Thinking about helping people but then worrying that they wouldn't like it..
eg.Informing people that they are boarding a first class compartment..I never do that.i feel guilty thinking about how they'd land up in trouble if caught by a TC.But then,who am I to judge, by their appearances, whether they have a First Class Pass or not? (The fact that I have seen people getting severely reprimanded for blaming someone wrongly just fuels my desire NOT to tell them)
-Imagining small ant-sized people, and how my seemingly 'constricted' surroundings might be a whole world for them..I used to gaze into the branches of the huge tree outside my 3rd Grade class window..about how they must be travelling from one branch to another through some small contraptions made by them..I stopped doing that few years back..I grew up I guess..I still do that at time though..like when I am travelling by train..
-Thinking about Spiritual stuff and mythology.I had considered taking up Mythology as a career too..I like thinking about how a person can correct his ways if he is doing something wrongly..Not that I am living a life where whatever I do is always correct, but I try not to err often..
-Wondering about how it would have been if we lived in a state of Utopia..corruption,injustice makes me cry at times..
-Daydreaming about me and my friends and family in different scenarios and places..I can waste hours like that.
-Daydreaming..generally..Currently i am daydreaming about how I am going to convert my CPU into a Power Supply Unit..( HAIL ExTc Engineering!)
-Thinking about how nice it would be if I could find a green 'foresty' place where I would take a book and a camera along..
-My House..both the present one and the Dream one..the dream house has an underground lab,a pool table,a bowling rink,a multiplex,Gaming zone..It also has many secret passageways and hidden rooms..
-The firm that I want to own.Where everyone is going to work because they LIKE working there..where everyone will feel that they are important contributors to the Larger Scheme.
-Writing...another career I had considered..
-Talking to my friends for hours together..people like Nik probably spent junior college nights talking to me..
-Chatting up with people I don't know and getting to know strangers..I had wanted to be one of the reticent,mysterious kinds who don't make fools of themselves in front of other people by speaking whatever they feel like saying and doing whatever they feel like doing..But then again...I realized its just not ME.
-Being a people person..I follow trends.Not senselessly, no..but I follow them when I want to.I dont see the point in suppressing that feeling of 'wanting to do' just coz everyone else is doing it or standing out of the crowd for the sake of it.
When its Blue Day...I wear Blue coz I have a Blue T-shirt...I dont see the point in wearing a White tee when you had anyway planned to wear it, but changed your mind when you came to know its Blue day.Just as I dont see the point in buying a new Blue Tshirt especially for that day..

(I have followed a trend blindly just ONCE.And that too I had thought it was for a different reason..so it wasn't exactly blind..But at the end of the day I ended up giving people the impression that I own a collection of exotically coloured bras-green,purple,golden and govinda...Trust me..I thought I was showing people how colourful the world was.)

-Opening up to people easily.I don't really LIKE that..But thats what I normally do..

Yet, I don't understand why I just opened up like that to everyone..but I just felt like writing..and I went on..

So there!


  1. In my list, the first entry would be 'travel around the world'. Not in merely 80 days or anything, but enough time to see every fuckin nook and corner. I love Travel&Living.
    Hopefully, some day, when i earn enough to actually use currency as a swimming pool like Uncle Scrooge

  2. Travelling around the world is my Biggest Desire..and travelling doesn't mean just going to Agra and watching the Taj Mahal or going to Venice and just admiring the transport system..but I actually want to experience these places..know where I ll get the best foods and all that,you know?Thats the reason I admire Vir Sanghvi so much..He knows every thing about the places that he writes about..
    And Travel and Living is awesome..

  3. Nice post...Got an insight into an'abhi' that i probably didnt know much! Extremly frank and crisp writing...

  4. Good one Abhishek.. You are a very fluid writer.. Visit this site http://devdutt.com/ if you are interested in Mythology and its relevance to world.. Has a video presentation from him as well which he made at TED Mysore.. quite fascinating..

    Keep dreaming.. traveling around the world was my dream as well and I didnt know how it will happen... for the past 4 years I have lived that dream and learn a lot about various cultures and diversity

  5. abhishek.!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......u write...??.....well u dnt just write.u wirte fatte..ya thts wht shivangi told me..n I jumped on to check ur blog.!!!.too good...I agre with what ADVAIT said.....go ahead.....vrushali tare