Thursday, January 7, 2010

When you wish you were six feet under...

Have you ever got those moments when you felt you'd rather be anywhere else in the world except in your current place?

I guess you must have.If you haven't, then you are either lying..or you must have been a overly-careful,delicate person right from your childhood.These are one of those moments when I take out my cellphone and start gazing at the screen intently as if I haven't seen one ever..or I just call a random person from my contacts list and while the phone rings,I wonder what to talk about with him...coz i really cant bury my neck in the soil however much I want to.

Some of those moments..I fel like writing about these because of a somewhat embarassing incident today..

-My aunt's 18th birthday.I was just eight then, she had called all of her college friends home.The cake was one of those cliched chocolate ones with green sugar roses on top.I dint like the sugar roses much.i have got an aversion to them even now.

"Wyack! Do you like those roses,they taste pathetic.." dint strike me that since it was on the was obviously meant to be eaten by someone,if not me.

Just after I was done saying this..which was pretty loud (I cant control my tone or pitch or whatever that makes my voice as loud as it is. Maybe that's why my friends used to take care not to whisper to me during lectures..coz my whispers tended to make the lecturer look around.But thats another story)

I realised everyone around me go quiet..And it wasn't one of those moments when everyone stops talking at the same time coincidentally..It was because of me..

One of her apparently sensitive friends had chosen a nice green rose with silver sparkles on it to devour.She flashed around her "oh-he-hurt-me" look

"Dude,careful!",says one of her friends..

"Abhishek!Halluchi!" (meaning "softly!" in Konkani)

But overall if I were to look at the positive side of things..That incident made me realise that there was a zipper pocket on my tee..with which I started playing shortly after that..


-More recently, in my college,I blew air into an empty plastic-bag..the ones which are strewn around the college when 'Assignment Submission' time is on...and I burst it loudly against a wall.

Everyone was startled.I was feeling very clever about it, when i looked around to see a lecturer glaring at me..

"Where you think you are in?" (No..I havent made a grammatical error.SHE said it.)

"Hmm...sorry ma'am.I was just..."(What?going around making banging noises?..I have no idea what I was going to say after that)

I ran off...two stairs at a time..



McDonalds Borivli..our whole group had met there.I finished my Coke,opened the lid,put my fingers in and took out an ice cube.I planned to throw it into Negi's V-Neck t-shirt (HIS "cleavage" was clearly visible)...I overshot..result-

The ice cube landed on the adjoining table but thankfully missed the occupants' tray by inches...

I sheepishly raised my hand and apologised..."Hmm..I.."

Thankfully I had the laughter around me to concentrate on at that time..


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  1. Expression of adjacent table guy was priceless :P

    once we (me n a friend) had to get some graph papers from the second floor, the lab was on the sixth.after taking them, we took the staff lift coz we didn't want to wait long for a crowded students lift. Staff lift wasn't allowed for students though. My friend jokingly said 'sir told us to bring extra graphs for everyone, staff lift is allowed when we're doing sir's work!'. A teacher entered and asked me. I smugly lifted the pages with a 'HA-IN-YOUR-FACE-BITCH!' expression and started 'miss, sir asked for..'
    and then i stopped when i realized how stupid that was. She glared at us and followed us to the lab :P