Sunday, August 2, 2009

Introductions in order... this is my first post..I had always thought of creating a blog,or writing articles and sending them over to newspapers but never actually got upto it...(read...I was too lazy to do it right then and kept postponing it) there.

An 18 year old in a big city like Mumbai,doing normal things..attending classes,bunking them even more...and like the cliche that is going around a lot these days "Being a teenager in Mumbai gives u a lot of exposure"...well yeah i have got quite a lot of exposure to things happening around me-Mumbai-The city heading towards globalisation..north indians cowering in fear at the mention of the initials "R.T"..The city where people supposedly have the "spirit" to take every piece of crap thrown at them..and finally stand up when they realize that its gone too far-these are just a few things that i witness around me..

All this while i used to rave and rant abt these things only with friends...i could go on and on and on abt these i said the fact that i was postponing writing a blog dint help my talkative manner...

So coz of a bit of coaxing by my friends..and the fact that i have nothing much to do these days...i finally got down to writing this blog..

So much for introductions...gonna post a lot of things in the near future(provided i retain my present active state) there!



  1. ^I disagree.

    try better.

  2. ^i agree... tone down the racist overturns....
    post when not cranky.posting when agitated is fine.

  3. Yeah,customize.Seriously..Try the template Shri's using,it's good..Add some extra text and pictures,make it look like a blog

  4. Aah.. A good template