Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Whats wid this affinity for mindless celebrity gossip?I mean...i know that many people are intrested in the hottest B-town news and want to know about the new upcoming movies and all that...but whats wid this obsession wid celebrities.

And sum of these "celebrities" dont even deserve all the coverage that they get..i mean seriously..WHO wud want to know abt Bobby Darling?this guy(!?)..who takes grt pleasure in crossdressing and has just appeared in a few movies...(even in these movies they are made fun of for what they are).And who in the name of Queenie Dhody?Shes supposed to be sum yesteryear model..but the way she hogs the limelight at parties and page 3 events...she cud as well be the next lady mayor..(no offence meant to the current mayor..seriously..i dont want the people from her political party banging at my door tommorow)

And how can someone be so interested in knowing abt Kareena Kapoors new size-zero,brain-zero..or whatever?Why are we so bothered abt who shes dating and who she isnt dating anymore?Salman Khan and his Hong-Kong born,London bred Girlfriend...or was it good maybe it was girlfriend..everyone has opinion abt how he ought to pop the question to her..and get settled down.Akshay Kumar asked his wife to unbutton his jeans...and the whole city goes into an uproar abt how its supposedly vulgar...

But then the latest thing is ofcourse the great decision of our item-girl-pretending-to-be-girl-next-door Rakhi Sawant..she and tht guy whatsisname got engaged this sunday...that too for national cud see her weighed down by tons of gold jewellery(which mite seem familiar to the regular soap watchers..since it was obviously borrowed)..and trying to have this shy and demure expression on her face...and failing spectacularly!

Throughout the show the one thing that she never missed out to mention in an episode..was abt how life had been very hard to her and how she had dealt wid her problems..(well...hmm..yeah i did watch it..cmon..a guy needs a few laughs dusnt he?)..and you could see guys fighting for her flirting wid her (blearghhh!!) ...but hey whats a bit of fighting and sucking up when u r getting good money?

All i mean to say is that we are creating all thse supposed celebs...who are famous just coz they are famous...and then these guys feel they are grt ppl who others look upto and then give their stupid opinions on things in which they dont have any knowledge..Really...sum of these "celebs"..(snicker..)..had opinions on 26/7...ingenious ideas like.."Dont Vote!"..or "Carpet Bomb Pakistan"...Wow such brainwaves eh?..calling Simi Garewal(an actress who liked her looks when she was much so that she chose to be stuck wid the same expression on her face for the rest of her life) talk abt terrorism was by far the greatest stupidity i hav seen..

This mindless exposure really is bringing out the idiocy in us..guys give urself a break!


  1. LOL. XD
    And during 26/7 floods, all the celebrities are giving interviews "Oh thank god,I was in California!I saw the pics,they were awful!I will donate money for the affected people!"
    The next day,you see them flashing handbags woth lakhs of rupees

  2. And,when Preity Zinta got down on the streets to clean em! XD
    They were already cleaned the previous night for her,she just had to take a broom,and pose for the camera

  3. hehe...a few days back da american media had a no megan fox day...der were no articles abt her dat day...der was an article in da newsppr abt how we needed a no rakhi sawant day in India...i say why only rakhi sawant??...we shud hav a no celebrities day!!!

  4. Ya right...much ado about nothing! But then, I don't think we can blame these channels, the public or whatever, for the undue attention our so-called-celebs get. You claim to have watched rakhi's swayamwar, queen dhodie(or whatever) n all the other things you call holy crap. Even I watch all the blah-blah bakwaas (except queen dhodie?!). Thing is however much we crib about these shows, somewhere in our psyche, we do enjoy it!
    Keep writing..:)

  5. ^ Who are you?!

  6. First off,
    a suggestion:
    STOP writing in sms lingo.
    With all the "wid"s and the "cud"s wnd the "wud"s.

    the answer to your question as to WHO reads all about celebs.
    MOST people.
    That is why they print them.
    And they're minting money.
    I think the newspapers are doing a very good job at ripping people off their money by giving them what they WANT to read.
    People are to blame.

  7. No. It's the media to be blamed. I don't particularly enjoy it when I never get to see proper news on the so-called 24x7 news channels coz they're busier with celebrity affairs,new releases and controversies. Urgh.

  8. yeah i know...i was trying to avoid sms lingo at first but dint notice later on....

    and yeah ppl enjoy it...but at a certain point even they cant bear the extreme attention tht these celebs get

  9. @destiny's child
    how i got to kno who queenie dhody a classic example of how these celebs are forced upon us...having seen her picture in the newspaper tabloids everyday(not even ALMOST everyday)..i got curious and ran a google search..gotto kno tht she was sum miss india and a jewelry designer now..(and no..i dont pride myself for knowing all this abt her)..heh heh

  10. @Nik: Again. Notice how you say, YOU don't particularly enjoy.
    It's not about YOU is it?
    Neither is it about ME.

    I'm not saying the media is NOT to blame.
    I'm saying they're not the ONLY ones to blame.

  11. Ok,how about this. MOST OF US.