Thursday, August 20, 2009

Camaraderie Over Guns......



Its amazing how much can happen in a 7x12 feet space..Emotions running high,swearwords in the air and whoops of joy whenever someones killed and even more frustration when you get killed.

Who says teenagers cant concentrate on a thing for much time?If someone were to see the hushed atmosphere they would probably marvel at the ability to focus in the supposedly ‘volatile’ minds of teenagers..Parents would shake their heads sadly saying,

“If only he could concentrate so much while studying…”

The same people who were swearing at each other a moment back could be seen walking arm in arm,laughing together after leaving this place…Maya’s..the place where the eight of us could be seen almost everyday in the second term of FYJC.

Nikhil,Tanuj,Samir,Tabish,Nilay,Vinit,Negi and me(Abhishek).Nishad joined us later on and sometimes Deeganto and Nisarga Would join in.

Maya’s happened to be a an Internet Café…but we never went there for surfing.Our common passion was Counter Strike.(For people who don’t know it’s an FPS compter game where you make teams and try to kill the opponent team members in hostage and bomb situations)

Expert psychologists and shrinks believe violent video games are harmful for young minds. Well, given that we all bonded over that violence I don’t think so..

Each of us had our own special names that we were very proud of.





Nilay-Silent Screamer





Tanuj-Champ/The Confused/Prodigy/(and finally on my suggestion…Abyss)


We have many pleasant memories associated with this place..

The way we used to race each other to this place from our college gates in order to get the best pcs(the best pcs as in the only 2 pcs out of 9 which didn’t hang or get stuck when the game was in progress)…

This was the place where Nikhil invented a swearword totally unheard of.

Deeganto,Nikhil,Tabish and me had teamed against Nishad,Tanuj,Negi and Nilay. Deeganto and me…we both teamed up together and went about killing all the guys from the other team.As a result Nikhil had a very low score..and he wasn’t happy about it.

“Hey, Nikhil join us wont you?Even you will have a decent score that way.”

“No, thanks,”

“Leave him alone Deeganto,He probably wants to show he’s different from the rest of us..”

(Deeganto and I both started snickering at that)

So we continued for the rest of the game..As we left the café..Nikhil turned to us

“You guys were behaving like Ment**** Re****ed Ass***** .”

This didn’t please Deeganto and he just left with a sharp rebuke at Nikhil…(everything was okay the next day though…)


And then once I started jumping up and down in my place and screaming at the top of my voice at Tanuj and Nishad because they were irritating me during the game which ended with bomb blowing up on my face…

I didn’t stop taunting Tanuj for the next half an hour to which his only reply was his characteristic “Aisa hain kya?Achchi Baat hain..”(“Oh, is it? Very well..”)


I would shout at the top of my voice suddenly during the game startling the others as a result…which gave me a second of advantage thus killing the other guy..heh heh


Negi would me made fun of by all the others for his overly smartass behaviour.Come to think of it…there was never a day when he wasn’t so full of himself…heh heh


I got to know that Tabu and Samir were dead against swearing..(Whenever someone exclaimed some swearword they would chuckle nervously and shake their heads in a disapproving way.)

This particular in cident I remember clearly…

Maya’s was a 7x12 feet room with 9 pcs.What with chairs ant tables. We had very little room.Even if you raised your hand to scratch the itchy spot behind your ear…their were chances that u would get your elbow into someone’s neck..

Well in this small space and no airconditioning all of us were hot and sweaty and playing with full concentration..It was Nikhil,me,Vinit and Tabish against Nilay,Nishad,Tanuj and Negi..

Our team had to defuse the bomb..All the others being killed..i was the only surviving member from our team.All the opponents were killed too… I just had to defuse the bomb now..

“Go Carnage go!!”

“Ha ha ha….My scores gonna increase now...I’ll be at the top..I am the best player here.”

“Aisa hain kya?...Achhi baat hain..”

And suddenly Nilay got some inspiration and he got up from his chair and started tickling me behind my neck..

And I am pretty ticklish so I started laughing and struggling to control the mouse properly at the same time.Negi joined in and they both decided they wouldnt let me win…

What happened next was something like this…

Somehow the thin…almost scrawny Nilay all of 40 kgs managed to tilt my chair carrying my weight of 81 kgs(I still wonder how he did it) that it was balanced on its two hind legs now…

I was already squirming as Negi tickled me…

The next few events had the sound effects from some fighting scene from an old Manmohan Desai movie..

The chair gave way under me and I collapsed with a loud thud with the chair beneath me…Nilay lost his balance and lay sprawled all over me…

Everyone lost it at that moment…we were all in splits laughing like madmen at what had just happened.Nilay and me were in the same position as we were and shaking with uncontrolled mirth…

Even the owner was laughing like nuts(which was saying something since there were serious chances of the chair being broken and the mouse was dangling from the table.even the keyboard was balanced precariously at the edge of the table)

The next 30 seconds were spent in struggling to get back on my feet..which was difficult with the chair below me in such a cramped up place.Nilay being above me didn’t help matters either…

The bomb had long expldedand we had lost the round…but no one cared really..

It was just the eight of us laughing…in that tiny space,sweating but not really noticing how hot it was….

PS: This is just the first time that I have written narrative material..Do comment on it and any suggestions are welcome

PPS:81 kgs was long back…I have lost weight now…


  1. I wonder how that chair must have suffered beneath u..:p..Btw,good narrative post..

  2. Bwahahahahaa!

    I remember this,

    "Nilay and me were in the same position as we were and shaking with uncontrolled mirth…"

    "Nilay being above me didn’t help matters either…"

    ^these to lines just sound WRONG.
    If you know what I mean.

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  4. Some how this post reminded me of my college days...The fun, the laughter..everything...:)
    Btw, loved the MRA swearword :D
    And that fall, lol, was just too hilarious...
    Deeganto's comment made me look at it from a different perspective :D

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  6. hey srry for da late stupid pc had stopped workin as usual...dat was a gr8 post yaar...wish we cud get together 2 play cs again!!!